Patient Reviews

“At first, I was anxious about the surgery, but Dr. McDonald was very thorough in explaining all of the procedures to me. He was very kind and everything went smoothly.” – Shivani

My daughter had oral surgery here and they made her feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. I paid a small fee but it was refunded after my insurance paid it and I didn’t even have to ask for it. To me this says a lot about the integrity of this office. Thank you!” – Melanie

Dr. McDonald and his staff are Top Notch! By far the best dentist visit I’ve ever experienced. The consultation was very productive and informative. The staff made sure I understood everything administratively, and Dr. McDonald took his time to explain the procedure in full and made sure I was 100% comfortable with everything that was going to happen during the appointment.” – M.D.

“I would recommend Dr. McDonald in a heartbeat. He and his staff are caring and extremely good at their tasks. I was very pleased with my care.” – Keith

“I had a great experience with Dr. McDonald’s office. Everything was explained to me in great detail, and the process went smoothly. I was also made aware up front of what was and was not covered by insurance so I could time my procedures to take full advantage of my coverage.” – Faiz

“A completely professional experience from beginning to end – I needed extractions and an implant. Everyone in that office is a total pro. Great follow up – lots of positive reinforcement thru the procedure and the next day – hardly even had to take an aspirin!
5 stars !” – Mit J

“The administrative portion of the office, especially the office manager Lisa, were extremely friendly, ensuring I was aware of my patient rights and transparent about the billing process. I highly recommend Dr. McDonald’s practice to anyone in need of oral surgery. His waiting room, consultation room, and surgical room was it was impeccably sterile and clean, you will be in extremely good hands. The process was simple and painless 🙂 I would give his practice 10 stars!!!” – Gavin

“I absolutely love this oral surgeon and the staff there are amazing! I hate going to the dentist but this was the most painless experience ever!” – Em M.

“Bless Dr. McDonald and his amazing staff for the smooth process of getting my wisdom teeth removed. It all happened so quickly. Soon as I went under I was done I couldn’t believe it. Thanks again Dr. McDonald and staff.” – Dominique